A division of CAA Sports, CAA ICON is the world’s-leading owners representative and strategic management consulting firm for public and private sports and entertainment facility owners/operators, professional franchises, and leagues. CAA ICON’s Strategic Advisory Group provides consulting services to the sports and entertainment industry across a broad range of areas, including market demand analysis; financial feasibility analysis; economic impact analysis; project finance; valuation; negotiations; operations; transaction due diligence; politics; and strategic planning. With a portfolio of many of the most successful venues throughout the world, CAA ICON’s Venue Development Group provides clients comprehensive facility development services to guide a project from conception through planning, design, construction, and opening. CAA ICON executives have managed the development of home venues for NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB MLS, MLL, AFL, CHL, NBDL, DEL and BBL franchises, totaling more than $8 billion. ICON Venue Group was acquired by CAA Sports in 2016. Barrett Sports Group was acquired by CAA Sports in 2017.

The complexity of the sports and entertainment industry requires that a consultant have extensive experience in a broad range of areas. Understanding project-related technical issues, as well as the political environment is critical to the overall success of any project. CAA ICON Strategic Advisory consistently develops creative solutions to complex problems. Dan Barrett’s understanding of the many aspects of the sports and entertainment industry coupled with his extensive negotiating experience provides his clients with an invaluable resource. Mr. Barrett is recognized as one of the industry’s leading deal makers.

We have a demonstrated track record of providing high-quality, value-added consulting services to public and private sports and entertainment facility owners/operators, professional franchises, and leagues. As an independent, objective, third party advisor, we have the ability to assist you in a variety of unique and complex areas. We have no predetermined position on the course of action that should be taken. Our primary goal is to protect our clients’ interests.

Franchise/Facility Valuation

CAA ICON Strategic Advisory professionals can provide expert valuation services for a variety of purposes, including: acquisition; disposition; property tax; litigation support and expert witness testimony; and, financing. We provide a wide range of valuation, technical, and advisory services to help solve complex investment, transaction, and financing issues.

Our valuation consulting services include:

  • Sports Franchise Valuation
  • Sports Facility Valuation
  • Lease Valuation
  • Sports League Valuation
  • Real Estate Valuation

Transaction Due Diligence

CAA ICON Strategic Advisory professionals provide transaction due diligence services to clients interested in buying/selling professional sports franchises, as well as sports and entertainment facilities. We advise our clients in the development and implementation of acquisition and disposition strategies. We provide structuring and negotiation advisory services to assist our clients in making informed decisions and avoiding costly errors.

Our transaction due diligence consulting services include:

  • Identification of Acquisition Candidates
  • Identification of Potential Qualified Buyers
  • Overview of Comparable Transactions
  • Preparation of Cash Flow Models
  • Development of Financing Plans
  • Preparation of Ownership Applications
  • Preparation of Offering Memoranda
  • Negotiating Advisory
  • Valuation Support (See Valuation Section)

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is critically important for any organization. Understanding the short-term and long-term implications of key decisions can impact the overall success of the facility or franchise.

Our strategic planning consulting services include:

  • Negotiation Advisory
    • Develop Overall Negotiation Strategy
    • Deal Structure Advisory
    • Provide Document Support Strategy
    • Negotiate Definitive Documents
  • Return Analysis
    • Present Value
    • Internal Rate of Return
    • Return on Investment
    • Cash Payback Period
  • Capital Investment Analysis
  • Buy Versus Lease Analysis
  • Renovation Versus New Construction
  • Project Budgeting
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Franchise/Facility Business Plans
  • Real Estate Master Planning

Facility Planning

As the economics of sports have changed significantly over the years, we have seen the development of an unprecedented number of new stadiums and arenas. CAA ICON Strategic Advisory professionals have an in-depth understanding of facility operations and possess extensive experience providing strategic consulting services for new facility development and renovations. We have performed numerous engagements involving a variety of sports and entertainment facilities, including: arenas and coliseums; football and baseball stadiums; recreational facilities; golf courses; convention centers; expositions and fairs; amphitheaters; casinos; horse racetracks; motor speedways; urban entertainment centers; hotels; and, master planned resorts.

Our facility planning services include:

  • Market Demand
  • Financial Feasibility
  • Cash Flow Model Development
  • Multi-Variable Sensitivity Analysis
  • Premium Seating Demand Analysis
  • Evaluation of Naming Rights Transactions
  • Evaluation of Sponsorship Agreements
  • Evaluation of Seat License Programs
  • Site Evaluation/Selection
  • Facility Expansion/Renovation
  • Facility Reuse Analysis
  • Revenue Enhancement Strategies
  • Architect/Contractor Selection
  • Evaluation of Project Delivery Alternatives
  • Evaluation of Management Alternatives

Facility Financing

Financing new facility development requires an extensive understanding of the financial and credit markets. The political landscape will often have a significant impact on the viability of the financing plan for new or renovated facilities. Because professional sports facilities represent a significant capital investment and provide benefits to the public, both economic and social, financing structures typically rely on a combination of public and private financing instruments. We understand the complexities of these complex relationships.

Our facility financing services include:

  • Financial Advisory
  • Identification of Public and Private Financing Sources
  • Development of Financing Plans
  • Public/Private Partnerships
  • Financial Institution/Rating Agency/Insurance Credit Presentations/Negotiations
  • Request for Proposal for Financing
  • Evaluation of Refinancing Alternatives/Feasibility
  • Financing Capacity Evaluation

Other Consulting Services

We have a solid track record of providing high quality, results-oriented consulting services in a variety of areas.

Other consulting services include:

  • Media (Television/Radio) Contract Evaluation and Negotiation
  • Naming Rights Contract Evaluation and Negotiation
  • Sponsorship Contract Evaluation and Negotiation
  • Benchmarking Studies
    • Deal Structure/Lease Comparison
    • Franchise/Facility Operations Review
  • Management/Operations Review and Analysis
  • Economic and Fiscal Impact Studies
    • Economic Output (Spending)
    • Employment
    • Municipal Revenues/Expenses
    • Substitution Effect
    • Transfer Spending
    • Project Tax Increment Estimates
    • Real Estate Impact
  • Franchise Financing Support
  • Development of Franchise/Facility Business Plans
  • Facility Governance/Sports Authority Advisory
  • Third Party Contract Evaluation
    • Facility Managers/Operators
    • Concessions
  • Preparation/Review of Requests for Proposals
  • Multi-Disciplinary Project Management
  • Ticket Pricing Strategies